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31 MW GE LM2500 Gas Turbine

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Product Description

31 MW GE LM2500 Gas Turbine 

Parts or Repair LM2500 Gas Turbine

General Electric LM2500+HSPT 31132 kW, Commissioned in 2004, Natural Gas, Brush Generator rated at 47500 KVA, 50 HZ, 11500 V, can be upgraded to dual fuel system. Next overhaul hours are required after 3579 running hours. electrical system, control system, cooling system, starting system, exhaust system,  lubricating system, pumps, Turbine package can be put into service or used for spares for an already existing plant. Complete package very well maintained. Contact us to set up inspection. This plant is priced well below market value and can be purchased at an excellent price.


31 MW LM2500 Gas Turbine Generator Package

31 MW LM2500 Gas Turbine Information


LM2500 Gas Turbine Fact Sheet

LM2500 Gas Turbine Fact Sheet

GE Gas Turbine Design Features and Benefits

GE Gas Turbine Design Features and Benefits




 Manufacturer:                  General Electric

Despatched by:                General Electric

Model Num.:                     LM2500+HSPT

Nominal Power:               31132 kW

Fuel:                                   Natural Gas

Production Date:             2003

Compressor stages:        17

Power Turbine stages:    2



 Manufacturer:                  BRUSH

Production Date:             2003

Cooling:                             Air-Cooled

Insulation Class:              F

Operation mode:              Continuous

Operation power:             47500 kVA

Operation Voltage:           11500 V

Operation Current:           2385 A

Power Factor:                    0.8

Speed:                                1500 rpm

Frequency:                        50 Hz

Field Voltage:                   99 V

Field Current:                   970 A

Standars:                          IEC 60034-1

IP Class:                            IP54

Ambient Temp.:               15 deg. C

Operatiion Altitude:      <1000 m.



NOMINAL (MW) Projected at full load, (%) Real at full load, (%) Real at full load, (Kj/kW-hr) (%)
GTG GE LM2500+ HSPT Feb 2004 31.1 38.2 36 0,294 1,5%


GTG (Natural Gas ) Control system have duel fuel system and engine can be upgraded to duel fuel system if required.

GG Engine Running Hours : 69587 / Package Running Hours : 74659

HSPT Engine Running Hours:  68720 / Package Running Hours: 74659


Routine Maintenance Intervals

4000 Hours /6 Months = Semi-Annual Inspection

12500 Hours = VSV Bushing Replacement

25000 Hours = Hot Section Exchange

25000 Hours = HSPT Statory Kit Replacement (for  GTG-HSPT  )

50000 Hours = Major Overhaul Inspection


Status of Overhaul Maintenance of Units:

GG overhaul done @ 48166 running hours

HSPT  overhaul done @48166 running hours


Running Hours after Overhaul:

GG : 21421 Hours

HSPT : 20554 Hours


Next Overhaul Hours for Units:

HSE for GG after 3579 running hours, MOI after 28579 running hours,

HSE for  HSPT after 4446 running hours, MOI after 29446 running hours,


Start-stop number for units:

1699 fired starts, 1443 normal stops


Gas Consumption values:

0,287 Sm3/kW


31 MW- GE LM2500+ Gas -Turbine -Generator-assembly31 MW- GE LM2500+ Gas -Turbine -Generator- disassembled31 MW- GE LM2500+ Gas -Turbine -Generator- Package- Exhaust31 MW- GE LM2500+ Gas -Turbine -Generator- Power Yard System31 MW- GE LM2500+ Gas -Turbine -Generator-Transformers

31 MW- GE LM2500+ Gas -Turbine -Generator- Package-Building

31 MW- GE LM2500+ Gas -Turbine -Generator- Package

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