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40 MW LM6000 PC Gas Turbine

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Product Description

40 MW LM6000 PC Gas Turbine

  • The GE LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbine is world renowned for it chameleon design qualities that can adapt to any industrial challenge. The versatile light weight LM6000 gas turbine of 17,336 pounds (7,863 kilograms is less then half the weight of most turbines with the same MW electrical power in a footprint of less space. Therefore the length and size is much more compact of 193.5 inches (4.91 meters) long, 85 inches (2.159 meters) wide and 81 inches (2.05 meters). The high efficiency of the turbine, the maximum fuel economy of the fuel system, the advanced air flow system and the technology of the cooling system is a big factor of extending the parts life of the gas turbine and the time between maintenance intervals.

40 MW LM6000 Gas Turbine

  • GE LM6000 Duel Fuel Turbine, Fuel: Natural Gas and Naphtha, 50 HZ, 11000 volt, Turbine Year 2010 with 16,607 hrs of run hours, Lufkin gearbox, 3000 rpm gear box. Hydraulic Starter, transformers, electrical systems, electrical panels, control systems, air system, cooling system, lubricating system, air compressors, exhaust system, Pumps, Demi water System, fire fighting system and much more. Complete package in good condition and has been maintained by OEM since new. Contact us to set up an inspection.


GE LM6000 gas turbine

40 MW LM6000 Gas Turbine information PDF



Manufacturer:                  General Electric

Model.:                                 7LM 6000-PC

Production Date:             2010

Nominal Power:               40984 kW ( Without LP Sprint )

Fuel:                                      Natural Gas / Naphtha

Compressor stages:        14

Turbine stages:                7



Manufacturer:                  BRUSH

Type:                                     Turbogenerator 3 phase

Production Date:             1996

Cooling:                              Air-Cooled

Insulation Class:              F

Operation mode:              Continuous

Operation power:             59530 kVA

Operation Voltage: 11000 V

Operation Current:          3124 A

Power Factor:                     0,85

Speed:                                    3000 rpm

Frequency:                           50 Hz

Field Voltage:                      192 V

Field Current:                     969 A

Standarts:                            IEC 34.3

IP Class:                               IP54

Ambient Temp.:               15 deg. C

Operation Altitude:          <1000 m.


Generator Neutral Ground Earth Resistance:         

Post Glover Resistance Inc.

7620 V Line to Neutral

5,4 A  1,4 Ohm       10 sn.

Num.: 140608         U-L     9504


Excitation Generator:

Machine Num.:                 62245 A-3E

Production Date:             1996

Cooling:                               Air-cooled

Output Current:               1065 A

Ambient Temp.:               15  deg. C

Speed:                                  3000 rpm

Insulation Class:              F

Operation mode:              Continuous

Field Voltage:                   48 V

Field Current:                  6,5 A

Standarts:                        IEC 34.3


Hydraulic Starter:

Pump Manufacturer:        Rexroth

Model Num.:                        AA 4 V 250 FEL 2 R 2020

Serial Num.:                         USA 42834

Motor Manufacturer:       Marathon Electric

Model Num.:                         2 C 44577 FS 6556 A NW

Operating Voltage:             380 V

Rated Power:                       190 kW

Rated Current:                     282 A

Max. Temp.:                        40 deg. C


Load Gear:

Manufacturer:                  LUFKIN

Model:                                 NFVQ 24196

Power:                                 70000 HP

Input Speed:                    3627 rpm

Output Speed:                 3000 rpm

Spesification:                   API 613 3 RD

Oil Viscosity:                   ISO VG62



Number of Stages:            19

Compression Ratio:         1/30


You can find below  total running hours of 23.11.2015.

Engine Running Hours: 16.607

Package Running  Hours : 114.525

732 fired starts, 692 normal stops


Gas turbine GELM6000 gas turbine

40 MW GE LM6000 gas turbine factory

LM6000 monitor electrical system room

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