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Barge 200 Ton

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Barge 200 Ton

Barge 200 Ton, The 200 Ton Double Hull Hover Barge was built for a large oil company for Oil & Gas exploration in the Arctic Region. The hover barge was designed for extreme remote Arctic conditions. The project was cancelled and the barge was never delivered or used and is still located in the area it was built.

The barge has been sitting for awhile and is double hull is structurally sound but would need some clean up and maintenance to bring her back to her former glory. This barge is extremely well engineered. With minimum investment you will easily have a return on your investment many times over.

Barge 200 Ton Specifications

The Barge has a 200 ton payload is designed for extreme cold weather, down to ­40°c. The hull has been built to Lloyd’s certification.

The dimensions of the Hover Barge: Length: 45.0m, Width: 25.0m, Free Deck Area: 36m x 16m, Hover Height: 1.80m.

Ground Pressure on hover: 1 psi, Minimum Operating temperature: ­40°C, Power: 4 x CAT 3412 Diesel Generators, Lift: 4 x Centrifugal fans, Accommodation: 5 twin en­suite bunk rooms (insulated for cold weather). Galley and Mess Room. Materials: Manufactured from EH36 steel.

Barge Construction

The Hover Barge has been constructed as a mono hull, providing an extremely strong and lightweight structure. The steel used is EH36 grade for cold weather.

The hull has been tested and certified by Lloyds and the deck can withstand a load of 10 tonnes per square meter. There are two ramps on the Hover barge on the bow and stern, providing great flexibility for loading and unloading.

Skirt System

Using natural rubber suitable for the extreme cold weather the skirt finger provides a strong flexible system unlike high speed hovercraft. For extra protection against ice, a special patented wear pad on the front fingers has been included. This was developed after the experienced gained performing ice breaking using a Hoverbarge for the US Coast Guard.  A spray skirt overhangs the fingers to reduce spray.  The hover height produce by the skirt system is 1.8m, allowing the Hover barge to move over uneven ground and objects.

Deck Area

The Hover barge has been designed to leave the large cargo deck area free, with D ring lashing points built within the deck. Two 20 tonne winches are provided to enable cargo handling along with four 5 tonne mooring winches.  A hydraulic telescopic crane with an 8 tonnes capacity is situated at the bow of the Hover barge, excellent for recovering tangled anchors.

View the Barge at sea trials

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Hover barge at construction

Hover Barge side view

Hover Barge on Trials

Hover Barge

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