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Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator 35 MW

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Product Description

Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator 35 MW

Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator 35 MW, Seven (7) Caterpillar 5200 KW C-280 diesel engines, kato generators, 1000 rpm, 50 HZ, total 36.4 MW,

NEW Surplus still in shipping crates never used. Originally designed for off shore, oil rig, marine applications but can be operated onshore or for any application, EPA Emission class certification EPA Tier II, control system, cooling system, exhaust system, fuel system, lubrication system, starting system, monitoring system, protection system, air inlet system.

Available due to a cancelled project. Priced well below the purchase price of new.


Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, information

Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator

Caterpillar C-280 Diesel Generators New Surplus

Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator 


7 x Caterpillar C-280-16 Offshore Power Modules, 5200 KW, 1000 RPM, 50 HZ


After cooler core, fresh water, corrosion resistant coated (air side), air inlet shutoff, turbocharger. Engine oil lubricated air inlet adapter (90 Deg), rear accessory module and air cleaners. Custom accessory module designed to straddle the generator and base. The accessory module is designed to mount two vertical air cleaner housings. The GMS start and stop panel in the junction box.



Caterpillar ADEM III Electronic Engine Control, LH with the electronic unit injector fuel system. Rigid wiring harness, governor conversion, converts the engine to direct rack controls requiring 0 to 200ma. Requires 24V DC 10 AMP Continuous, 20 amp Intermittent, clean electrical power


Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, COOLING SYSTEM

  • Single/Combined Circuit For treated fresh water. The cylinder block/head/turbocharger cooling circuit is in series with the aftercooler/oil cooler circuit. Includes jacket water and lubricating oil temperature regulators and two external circuit connections. Expansion Tank- High Volume Shipped loose for customer mounting. Engine coolant water drains Plate type oil cooler, remote. Includes regulator and ANSI connections.


  • Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, Provides 70C oil to the engine. Three bundle oil cooler. Multiple elements, full modulating temperature regulator in Caterpillar designed regulator housing. Regulator housing connects directly to Caterpillar expansion tank. Custom Cooling System Includes supply & mounting of a titanium AC/OC circuit heat exchanger and a titanium JW circuit heat exchanger, the custom accessory module mounted to the front of the base assembly for shipping purposes.


  • Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, has titanium heat exchangers, are sized to meet EPA Marine Tier II emissions. Providing 32degree C AC/OC engine inlet water with 27-degree C ambient seawater.



Dry, gas-tight, exhaust manifold; (2) 18in flexible exhaust fitting (shipped loose), (2) 18in exhaust flange (shipped loose)



Flywheel with twice the movement compared to the standard flywheel. Assists in meeting certain transient response criteria. The flywheel has thirty-two 7/8-9-2B THD holes on a 1025 mm (40.35 in.) diameter bolt circle. Flywheel & coupling guards.



Filter, fuel, duplex; flex fuel outlet connection, flex fuel inlet connection, manual fuel priming pump, fuel cooler (plate type). To be installed on the base next to the engine coupling.


Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, LUBRICATION SYSTEM

Centrifugal oil filters with single shutoff. Service side engine mounted on cylinder block inspection covers. Includes installed oil lines and single shutoff valve. Filters centrifuge bypass oil from the main lubricating oil pump. Can be serviced with the engine running. Three filters included. Oil filler and dipstick valve, oil pressure regulating valves, crankcase explosion relief. The total engine system suitable for tilt requirement 15 deg. static pitch and 22.5 deg. dynamic pitch.

Duplex oil filter dual housing, the six-element system using Caterpillar filter elements.  Filter elements will be accessible from the service side of the engine. Drain valves and element racks are provided for ease of service. Continuous Pre-lube Pump mounted to engine base. Motor included. Includes 24 VDC motor starter. Pump Voltage Requires 24 VDC and customer-supplied power source.

Includes engine mounted pilot valve to maintain correct pre-lubrication oil level within the engine. The level detection to disable starter if pre-lubrication oil level becomes insufficient. Drain group provides oil drain for use with oil mist detector. Oil Mist Detector Dry Sump – includes oil pump, sump tank & lines. 15 deg. tilt capability.



TDI Turbine Starting System – includes (2) TDI turbine starters, jacket water heater, engine starting aid for operation down to 0 C (32 F). Requires Customer-supplied power source.



Damper Guard is constructed of perforated steel for strength and for adequate airflow for cooling of the damper. Engine Lifting Eyes. Manual Barring Device With a 50:1 gear reduction. Can be used with electric or air drills.

Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, MONITORING SYSTEM

The GMS (Genset Monitoring System) provides protection, monitoring, and control for a single 3600 diesel generator set. Utilizing a PLC (programmable logic controller) based system housed in a NEMA 4 (IP66) enclosure. Critical shutdowns have relay based and PLC based protection. Sensors are wired directly to the GMS control panel. Use of the GMS eliminates the need for a separate gauge panel and annunciator panel. Requires 24 VDC power and control air pressure.



1 ea. – Generator Cooling System Flow Switch

1 ea. – Generator Lube Oil Pressure Contactor

2 ea. – Generator water temperature RTD Additional monitoring parameters:

Generator bearing vibration alarm, Generator water flow, Generator low oil pressure alarm and shutoff. Generator leak detector, TEWAC water temperature alarm (2).



Includes Offshore rigid 3-point base.

Isolator weld plates – Includes (8) isolator weld plates for connection of isolators to customer foundation.  The weld plates have threaded holes which match the isolator hole pattern.  The weld plates are to be welded to the customer foundation at the time of package installation. Weld plates are shipped loose.

Vertical restraint Isolators – provides (8) isolators for generator set base in seismic zones. Drill rig with +/- 1.5G vertical restraint and +/1 3G horizontal restraint under low cycle conditions.  Shipped loose.

Caterpillar Diesel Generator with Kato Generators

Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, KATO GENERATOR & ATTACHMENTS

Synchronous Brushless Revolving Field Generator, direct connected rotating brushless exciter.


Rating:                                         5200 kw, 7428.6 Kva, .7 Power factor

Type:                                           8 Pole, 1000 RPM

Electrical Rating:                          5200 KW, 7428.6 KVA, .7 P.F., 3 Phase, 50 Hertz, 11000 Volts

Connection:                                 6 Wire, Wye

Temperature Rise:                       115°C/50°C Amb. By RES

Duty:                                          Continuous

Insulation:                                   Class H

Bearing Design: Two-Sleeve Ring Oil Enclosure: Totally Enclosed Water to Air Net. Weight (approx.): 58,000 Lbs / 26,000 Kg Generator is of independent. Two Bearing design, with shaft extension suitable for direct drive.


, features are included:

  • PMG (300% SC 10 Sec) for Regulator Power
  • Stand-Off Terminal Connectors mounted in the outlet box.
  • Double Tube copper-nickel air to water heat exchanger w/water leak detector.
  • Special frame for water-cooled totally enclosed alternators. (6) 100 ohm RTD’s embedded in stator windings for temperature monitoring, 2 per phase.
  • Formed Stator Coils with 100% solid epoxy vacuum pressure impregnation of windings. Followed with an epoxy overspray including rotor and stator iron.
  • Diode failure Detector (Kato) which detects shorted and open diodes by means of monitoring exciter field current. (2) 100 ohm RTD’s installed in bearing housing for temperature monitoring (1 per bearing)
  • Commercial Space Heater
  • Shaft driven oil lubrication pump for bearings. Fittings and oil system not in Kato’s scope.
  • Two vibration detectors (One per bearing)
  • Provisions for forced lubrication on the drive and opposite drive end. All fittings and connections by others.
  • Suitable for tilt requirement of 15° Static Pitch and 22.5° Dynamic Pitch.
  • Generator overload protection of 10% for 1 hour once every 12 hours.
  • Torsional Coupling Generator
  • Lube Module & Lines Group. Includes one (1) forced generator lube system. The system operates with a mechanical pump, driven by the generator.  Primary lubricant circulation supply for forced lubrication of front and rear generator bearings.
  • Lubrication module with electric driven, 480 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz, pump is provided.

Lubrication Module with Pump

  •  The Lubrication Module includes a tank, pump, heat exchanger, oil filter.  Flow divider to send the correct flow to each bearing.
  • A flow rate of 19 LPM (5 GPM) of heating water at 34° C (93° F).  Supplied by our jacket water circuit for the heat exchanger. This includes the wiring of the unit, the motor starter, 24VDC controls. NEMA 4 enclosure, mounting bracket for mounting the unit to the base. The lines group for connecting to the generator bearings, and labor to install the unit.  NEMA 4 enclosure may be combined with other options to provide a single enclosure.  Contain motor starters and connections for other options requiring 480 V power supply.
  • Redundant Air prelube Pump Includes a redundant air prelube pump for black start conditions. The air pre-lube pump will take suction from the same sump as the electric driven & mechanical driven pumps.
  • Sensors are included in Lube tank low-level switch, Lube tank temperature sensor (high-temperature alarm), Flow Switch
  • Mechanical Pump Lines. Included is one (1) lot of additional lines groups provided by CAT. To allow circulation of lubricating oil by the mechanical pump. mechanical pump is supplied by the generator manufacturer

Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, TESTING & CERTIFICATION


ABS package certification for the complete engine/generator package as supplied by


Package includes

ABS Design Review (as required by ABS) Survey (as required by ABS) ABS IMO Certification & Documentation Testing (as required by ABS)

Documentation Management & Submittal to ABS


Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, DRAWING PACKAGE 

Cat Genset package Includes (4) paper sets & (1) electronic set on CD & includes the following:

  • Package includes General Arrangement Drawings includes (5) views of the engine/package configuration being quoted. Views provided are right, front, rear, left & top. Includes installation footprint, customer connection details and ship loose components associated with the engine/package.
  • Wiring Diagram – includes electrical wiring diagrams for Caterpillar-supplied systems on the package. Includes engine, generator & controls.
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams – includes schematic diagrams of cooling, lubrication, fuel, starting & mechanical instrumentation systems including customer connection size

Further technical information on manufactures site

Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, covered with tarp Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, covered view Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, Plate info Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, New Surplus Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, lifted double tarp Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, in storage Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, covered Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, in storage Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, side of engine Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, side view of generator Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, engine view Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, under tarps Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, front view Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, top of engine Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, view of turbo charger Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, view of engines Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, view of diesel engine Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, engine view Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, name plate data Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, lifting plate Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, label Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, engine top view Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, control system   Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, views

Caterpillar C280-16 Diesel Generator, equipment

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