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Clayton Steam Generator with Boiler

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Clayton Steam Turbine with Boiler

Clayton Steam Turbine with Boiler,  50 HZ, NEW Surplus, Two (2) packages available,  Type SFO 75.1 Steam Generator Systems and Boilers, Top brand in original manufactures packaging. Available due to a cancelled project. Great price below new purchase cost. The Clayton Steam Turbine with Boiler is part of an Emulsion Production Plant. Steam turbine and production plant can be purchased as a package or separately, more information on manufactures site.


Clayton Steam Turbine with Boiler – Specifications

Reduction of energy costs:

  • Quick start: less than 5 minutes from the cold state for generators <1500 KW
  • Instantaneous reaction in hot operation
  • High yields guaranteed on PCI ranging from 85 to 88% whatever the load of the generator (between 20 and 100%)
  • Very high dynamic output thanks to the combination of low water volume and fast load variation.

High quality steam:

  • Priming rate less than 0.5% on average and 1% maximum during the sudden surge

Water and energy saving:

  • Very low de-concentration rate (less than 2.5% without return of condensate and with standard water treatment without demineralization).

Reduction in installation costs:

  • Small footprint – low weight.

Reduction of operating costs:

  • Fully automatic generator including start and stop phases (optional).
  • Reduced maintenance, no disassembly during regulatory inspections. No need for control or commissioning authorization. Control of 18 months by competent staff, without a notified body; PV <6000 bl – Annex 3 to Decree 99-1046 of 13/12/99 and Order of 15/03/2000 Article 5 (3).



Clayton Steam Generator Type SF-75-1 O
Net heat output  735 kW      
Net steam production in kg/h at 7 barg and from 98°C feed water temperature 1093 kg/h      
Design pressure 10 bar      
Operating steam pressure 7 bar      
Electrical tension 3 x 400 V – 50 Hz      
Electrical power pump 3,00 kW    
  blower 5,50 kW    
Water content filled 148 l    
  in operation 49 l    
Combustion efficiency @ feed water of 98 °C measured at lower heating value of the fuel
Load at 100 % 50%    
Light oil firing 88,0 90,0 without economizer  
Fuel consumption at full load – Light oil 83,1 l/h LHV light oil: 42 700 kJ/kg
      Density L.O. 0,847 kg/l
Burner regulation   step ( 0 – 50 – 100 %)    
Overall dimensions of the steam generator        
light oil fired unit Length 1 713 mm    
  width 1 100 mm without Clayton feed water pump (on separate frame for containerization)
  height 2 159 mm    
shipping weight 1 050 kg    


Steam Boiler and hot water production 3 m3/h
Steam boiler 1
Steam boiler 2
Combustion Air Fan
Combustion Air Fan
Flue Gases Stack
Flue Gases Stack
Feed Water Tank Volume~1,5 m3
Feed Water Pump
Feed Water Pump
Blowdown Tank Volume~0,1 m3
Hot Water Tank Volume~5 m3
Hot Water Pump 6m3/h
Hot Water Tank Heater 1 m2
Hot Water Static Mixer 5,5 m3/h
Water Treatment Dosing Pump
Chemical Tank
Water treatment Softener 2 m3/h

The generator’s heating surface consists of a single, continuous coil tube, designed in such a way to achieve full counter flow. Velocity of water and steam is controlled through a progressive increase in the size of the coil tube. The high velocity, both on the gas and the steam/water side combined with the counter flow principle, ensures the highest possible transfer and efficiency.

The combustion chamber is water cooled to minimize radiation losses.

The heating coil, the steam/water separator, the combustion chamber, the burner and blower and the control panel are completely mounted on a frame and tested in our factory. The unit is executed for INDOOR installation.


Clayton Power Plant Presentation 

Clayton Steam Generator Description

Clayton Steam Generator Description

Two (2) Clayton Type SFO 75.1 Steam Generator Systems

Information Two (2) Clayton Type SFO 75.1 Steam Generator Systems


Clayton Steam Generator with Boiler


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