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Drilling, Wellhead, Oil field Equipment

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Drilling, Wellhead, Oil field Equipment

Drilling, Wellhead, Oil field Equipment, brief summary of surplus oil field equipment that is available. Please contact us for the complete list and details. Quantities may vary depending on the type and manufacture of the equipment.

90% New Surplus, 10% Lightly Used

Substantial Savings, Selling Complete Inventory as a Whole Package
for 70% OFF Original Purchase Price

Equipment can be separated and sold in to complete lots

Contact us for complete details

Complete technical information will be available shortly on website

  • Water Injection Spool Tree Assemblies
  • Production Spool Tree Assemblies
  • Production Flow base Assemblies
  • Tubing Hanger Assemblies
  • Internal Tree Cap Assemblies
  • Deflector Base Assemblies
  • Retrievable Guide Base Assembly
  • Wellhead Packages and Accessories
  • Drilling & Sub Assemblies
  • Tubing
  • Casings & Casing Accessories
  • Pups and Couplings
  • Cable
  • Gauges
  • Instrumentation
  • Flow Controls and Slickline Tools
  • FMC Tubing Hanger and Reactive Swell Packer.
  • Packers Plus Completion Assemblies
  • Shaker Screens-Axiom Process
  • Hoses and Hose Xovers
  • Crossovers
  • Ratsey Floats and kits
  • 16” Contingency Equipment
  • 13.625” x 11.750” Contingency Equipment with Liner Hangers
  • 11.750” x 9.625” Contingency Equipment with Liner Hangers
  • 9.625” x 7.000” Contingency Equipment with Liner Hangers
  • Pulled & Reject Casings and Various Halliburton, Baker
  • &  Weatherford Drilling Equipment.
  • Azimuthing Thrusters with Controls
  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)
  • Cameron HC (High Capacity) Connectors
  • Baker Hughes Core Heads, Jambusters, Inner Tube Assemblies and Shoes
  • Various Chemicals

Production Spool Tree Assemblies Oil Equipment Collet Connectors Oil Equipment gas and oil equipment Core Heads Baker Hughes Core Heads Equipment Baker Hughes Core Heads and Accessories Oil Equipment pipe drilling

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