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GE 6FA Gas Turbine

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GE 6FA Gas Turbine

GE 6FA Gas Turbine 81 MW, simple cycle. Only 1000 hours of operation since New. Power plant was used for peaking operation. 50 HZ, Year of manufacture 2011, complete turbine package. Complete plant is in excellent condition just like new. more info

Turbine Manufacture: GE
Model 6FA
Type: Simple open cycle 1 axle gas turbine
Year of Manufacture Sep, 2011
Operational Hours Since New 1000 hrs.
Number of starts & stops 140
Frequency 50 HZ
Operational Status Peaking
Number of no-load operation 0
Operational Fuel Natural Gas
Most recent inspection Daily inspection  only
Current condition Excellent, stored in preservation
Generating Power 81 MW
Manufacturer Hitachi
Thermal Efficiency 35.40%
Combustion temperature 1,300 C
Starting Thyristor starting
NO x measure Latest premixed combustion equipment
Entrance Pressure 1.47 Mpa
Exit Pressure 1.25kPa
Entrance Temperature 1431 C
Exit Temperature 589 C
Design of outside Temperature 5 C
Rotation Speed 5.231 min-1
Critical Speed of a Driven Machine 1st 1.768 min-1
Critical Speed of a Driven Machine 2nd 3.996 min-1
Critical Speed of a Driven Machine 3rd 6.294 min-1
Exhaust Gas 650,000 m³ N/h
Amount of smoke and soot (Sulfur Oxide) 0m³N/h
Smoke concentration (Nitrogen oxide) 50ppm
Smoke concentration (dust) 0.00g/m³N


Type Axial flow compressor
Entrance pressure -0.65kPa
Exit pressure 1.47MPa
Entrance temperature 5 C
Exit Temperature 383 C
Rotation speed 5231 min-1


Type Single cylinder
Gas speed at exit 48.5m/sec
Gas temperature at exit 589C
Diameter 3.86m
Height 40m
Effective height 346m
Quantity 1
Type Pressure injection type
Capacity 3.5 x 10³m³N/h/Unit
Quantity 6


Type Natural Gas
Calorific value 40.530 kJm³N
Sulfur content 0.0%
Nitrogen content Below 0.0%
Ash content 0.0%

Gas Turbine Diagram

81 MW GE 6FA Gas Turbine installed view

Gas Turbine front view of turbine

6FA Gas Turbine plant and equipment

Power Plant Facility

6FA Turbine engine view


side view of turbine engine


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