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Solar T130 Gas Turbine

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Solar T130 Gas Turbine 

Solar T130 Gas Turbine. 54 MW  Solar Titan 130 Combined Cycle Power Plant is unused in New condition. The plant operates at 50 HZ frequency and designed to run on Syngas or Natural Gas Fuel.

The turbines have been specially designed to operate on a diverse fuel composition, which is different than your typical Solar Titan Gas Turbine. Operation on poor quality fuels are achieved by utilizing additional fuel manifolds.

The equipment was manufacture and installed in 2013. The power plant has 0 hours since new and was never put into operation. The power plant has been preserved in accordance with the manufacturers preservation program. The gas turbines have been recently inspected by Solar and are found to be in extremely well preserved condition.

Technical Specifications

The power plant consists of Two (2) 17 MW Solar Titan T130 Gas Turbine Generators, Two (2) Rentech HRSG Heat Recovery Steam Generator with SCR Nox Reduction,

20 MW Siemens SST-400 Steam Turbine Generator, Auxiliary Steam Boiler with Combustion System, Two (2) PS Elliot Polaris Oil Free Package Air Compressors, Eight (8) Eriez SE745 Magnetic Separators, Three (3) Filter Press, Heat Exchangers, (2) Steel Substations, distribution boards, switchgear and controllers

Gas Turbine

Manufacture: Solar

Model: Titan T130

Number of Turbines: 2

Frequency: 50 HZ

Hours of Operation: 0

Year of Manufacture: 2013

Year of Installation: 2013

Fuel: Syngas or Natural Gas

Electrical Output per Unit: 17000 KW (Syngas) and 15200 KW (Natural Gas)

Type of Operation: Continuous Duty

Basic Outline of Equipment

  • Two (2) 17 MW Solar Titan T130 Gas Turbine Generators (Year 2013)
  • Two (2) Rentech HRSG Heat Recovery Steam Generators with SCR Nox Reduction
  • 20 MW Siemens SST-400 Steam Turbine Generators (Year 2013)
  • Rentech Auxiliary Steam Boiler with John Zink Hamworthy Combustion System
  • Two (2) PS Elliot Polaris Oil Free Package Air Compressors
  • Eight (8) Eriez SE745 Magnetic Separators
  • Three (3) Andritz SMX RH Filter Press
  • Alfa Laval Spiral Heat Exchangers
  • Two (2) Steel Substations on raised gantries fitted with HVAC system complete with 6.6 KV 415V Powell distribution boards associated switchgear and controllers

Gas Turbine Generators

Solar Titan 130 Gas Turbines are designed to produce approximately 17 MW of electricity based on Syngas and 15.2MW of electricity based on Natural Gas. They are designed to run on either fuel continuously.

The GTG’s are controlled via the local Solar Supplied PLC. This includes all safety related functionality. The Air Products Basic Process Control System (BPCS) communicates with the Solar PLC feeding set points to and receiving alarms from the Solar PLC.

The Gas Turbines were installed in 2013 and were never commissioned. They have been preserved in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. Solar carried out a recent condition assessment and found the Turbines to be extremely well preserved condition.

The turbines are designed to accept a significantly wide range of fuel composition than your typical Solar Titan Turbines. In addition to natural gas, the system is designed to operate with poor quality of fuels (Syngas) by utilizing additional fuel manifolds.


.Air Intake System

The Donaldson TTDTM Air Inlet system is designed to provide self-cleaning, anti-icing, single stage, high efficiency filtration for prolonged periods (up to two years) in harsh climates without turbine shutdown for filter cleaning or replacement.

It utilizes cylindrical filter elements, hung vertically from a horizontal tubesheet. These filters are cleaned by pulsing a wave of air into them opposite the normal air flow direction.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Package

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Package (Includes HP/LP Steam Drums, and Ammonia Injection Racks).

The exhaust gasses from each Gas Turbine are directed into individual HRSG packages where the useful thermal energy is used to generate HP Steam at 45 barg & 400 oC and LP steam at 4.4 barg and 260 oC. Each.

The HRSG comprises HP & LP Economizers, Boilers and Super heaters. Each of the HRSG’s also has a low temperature economizer that preheats condensate prior to entering the deaerator system.

The HRSGs are equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) units, where aqueous ammonia is injected for NOx reduction. Flue gases exiting the HRSGs are continually monitored by way of the continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS).

The CEMS monitors compliance with environmental regulations. The HRSGs are supported by a deaerator system, boiler feed water pumps, two blow down drums, and a water analysis panel. HP steam produced is transferred to the U740 Steam Turbine Generator (STG).

The LP steam is sent to several places, including the deaerator and a series of super heaters for distribution. Any remaining LP steam is transferred to the STG. In addition, a small amount of saturated LP steam (≈3.5 barg) is produced from the LP steam drum, known as pegging steam, is sent to the deaerator.

Auxiliary Boiler

The Auxiliary Boiler, U790, is a Rentech shop assembled package type unit. It has a HP steam capacity of 72,560 kg/hr. at 45 barg & 400 oC. It is subsequently combined with HP steam from the HRSGs before being transferred to the Steam Turbine Generator.

The auxiliary boiler is normally fired on syngas, although natural gas (NG) can be used as either a supplement or as the sole fuel. It normally operates at turndown so it can ramp up quickly when required. NOTE: Syngas/Natural Gas blending is not available on the Auxiliary Boiler.

The auxiliary boiler area is equipped with a Superheater, Boiler, Economiser, forced draft fan, stack, low-NOx burners, and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) unit required to reduce NOx emissions by way of aqueous ammonia injection. Flue gases exiting the boiler are continually monitored to ensure environmental limits are being met.

Turbine Package

The Siemens SST400 type Steam Turbine Package is a two-pressure, condensing-type generator designed to produce approximately 20 MW of electricity. The Brush generator receives high-pressure (HP) steam from the HRSGs and Auxiliary Boiler @ 45 barg and 400 oC.

The HP steam flow at design is 93,264 kg/hr. The IP steam is inducted at 3.49 barg and 260°C. The IP steam design flow is 10,256 kg/hr (22,600 lbs/hr). At full load the turbine-generator gross output is 24,560 KW at the generator terminals.

The normal operating case generates 20,580 KW at the generated terminals. It is based on an HP steam flowrate of 74,286 kg/hr and an IP steam flow rate of 10, 256 kg/hr.

The Design Case of 24,560 KW of output is based on one Gas Turbine Generator out of service and increasing the auxiliary boiler firing to maximum to consume the excess syngas.  The Steam Turbine is rated for a minimum turn down of 2.2 MW

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